Trump Tax Avoidance Scandal Exposes Poor Risk Management And Double Standards At Deutsche And Professional Banks

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The New York Times NYT -1.2%’ expose of President Donald Trump’s years of tax avoidance is a painful reminder of the stark double standards applied in this country to the very powerful and everyone else. Trump’s wealth and connections enabled him to dodge the Vietnam War, while others without power and connections served and tragically yet, thousands paid with their lives. His power and wealth have enabled Trump to avoid paying taxes, while thousands get audited and fined for the smallest of infractions. He finally paid $750. Surreal. Why have the IRS, legislators and judges repeatedly looked the other way when it comes to Trump’s opaque finances? In part, the fact that the IRS’ budget has been gutted helps explain part of the problem.

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Article Written By:  Mayra Rodriguez Valladares

Original Article Posted on:  Sep 28, 2020

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